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Plano TX Car Shop

Plano TX Car Shop

Working With A Plano TX Car Shop After An Accident

No one prays for an accident, but you may find yourself in a situation where your car gets damaged on the road, and you want it repaired quickly. Having your vehicle repaired shouldn't be your only concern. You need to be concerned about things like how the auto shop operates with the insurance company. Knowing how many options you will help you make the right choice.

Know Your Payment Options

It is important that you learn the payment options available to you. Your insurance company may provide direct repair programs by the Insurance Information Institute. What is a direct repair program? This is when your insurance company has a network of approved auto shops, and you are encouraged to go to one of those shops for repair after damage. However, it is not compulsory that you visit a mechanic in a Plano TX car shop that is on the list of approved companies. You have a right to choose who you would prefer for the repair. But you will not be entitled to all the benefits of choosing from one of the approved company.

Under a direct repair program, your insurance company may also offer an option for streamlined repair. This is when the insurer and the Plano TX car shop have streamlined the payment process for repair. It is a good option because it saves time and money. Also, since the insurance company selects the auto shops, they will be required to pass a screening process to test the quality of their services. While a typical repair shop will offer one or two years warranty after a major repair, a shop chosen by the insurer will offer a warranty that will last for as long as you use the car.

A direct repair program may also offer you one-stop shops. In such a situation, you can get an estimate of your car by taking it to a single location. It will be repaired and transported to your location on demand.

But What If You Want To Handpick A Plano TX Car Shop?

You have a right to choose where you want your car repaired after an accident. However, the following tips will help you decide how to make the best out of this situation.

1) Ask For Recommendations

A good way to choose who you want to handle your vehicle repair is to ask for recommendations from other vehicle owners. Ask your family and friends to recommend a Plano TX car shop for you. You can also ask your insurance company to make a recommendation. Go online and read reviews about the recommended companies to make sure they are good.

2) Don't Forget Certification

Mechanics go through training and get certified just like other professionals. It doesn't matter if you want to fix a damaged engine or do some body work, make sure you ask for certification. They are seals of approval that should come from verified bodies. The certifications serve as a guarantee that the mechanics are qualified to do the job for you.

You have two options, to either go for a direct repair program or choose your own Plano TX car shop.


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Plano TX Car Shop Plano TX Car Shop


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