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Plano Auto Repair

Plano Auto Repair

Five Important Tips To Find A Trusted Plano Auto Repair Shop

Just like humans, cars also need to be taken care of when they have issues. These issues can come as a result of a major impact, for example, from an accident, or it could simply arise from simple wear and tear. Whatever the issue may be, it is important you take the car to a qualified auto repair shop where it would receive the best care and it can come back to perfect condition.

When searching for a Plano auto repair shop it is best you start your search close to home, as this gives you ample opportunity to find the best. Also, finding a shop close to home will make it easy for you to access help in time of crisis. Below are five important tips that can aid you in finding a reliable and trusted Plano auto repair shop;

1) Search Online:

You can begin your search by going online to find suggestions of Plano auto repair shops near you. This will give you a lot of options. You can then comb through these options, reading reviews on each shop. These reviews will give you an idea of what to expect from any of them. This exercise will get you a shortlist of probable auto shop options you can consider.

You can also ask for referrals from friends and family. Most likely they must have used an auto shop in the past that they really enjoyed. Ask them for their opinion. Word of mouth is powerful means by which businesses get promoted.

2) Physical visit:

Next is to visit the shops on your list. You should ask as many questions as possible. Some of the things you should know are what type of equipment do they have, how much experience do they have and any other important interest of yours.

3) Obtain Quotes:

Before you settle for one Plano auto repair shop ensure you get quotes from the different shops on your list. Ask about the cost of the repairs and the cost of any parts that may need changing. You should also know how they charge, some shops have hourly rates, while others just charge a flat price.

4) License:

Every profession has regulatory bodies within the state charged with the responsibility of licensing individuals or companies in that profession. Before choosing an auto repair shop, ensure they are certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) or perhaps by the manufacturer of the particular make of car they are working on. This will give you confidence that not only does the shop know exactly what they are doing, but they would follow standard procedure in service delivery.

You can also do a quick search of the intended auto repair shop on the Better Business Bureau website. This gives you their ratings and allows you to know what other people are saying about them.

5) Start small:

It is preferable you begin your relationship with an auto repair shop with small maintenance task; tire rotation, oil change etc. This is a small investment that allows you to test the auto shop's skills and abilities are delivering quality service.


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